Genex M - Energy Booster Supplement
Genex M - Energy Booster Supplement
Genex M - Energy Booster Supplement

Genex M - Energy Booster Supplement

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Add years to life & life to years!
Looking for a natural boost in your energy, focus & performance, Genex-M brings a smooth burst of energy to your day by helping you naturally increase productivity, stay focused and delivers a stimulant-free boost of energy and also helps encourage positive mood and healthy stress management.

Product highlights:
• Unique formula designed to support vitality and immune function with the help to
convert food into energy
• Improves memory & concentration
• Bestows Mental & Physical Strength
• Activates the whole body by rejuvenation & toning of the whole system
• Acts as Antifatigue, Anti stress agent & improves general weakness
• Promotes vitality and stamina in people of any age.
• Helps the body adapt to the changes of everyday life

ACTIONS: It is an excellent Natural vitamin and Mineral supplement extracted from natural sources. The ingredients such as Scilla Indica (Adavi ulli), Sida Rhombifolia (atibala- Indian Ginseng), Calx of Oyester Shells (Samudrapu gullala bhasmamu), provides all the Vitamins (including Vitamin E) required by the body to carry out a range of normal functions. Withania Somnifera provides nervine stimulates and tones up the system.
• Athibala (Indian Gensing) and Ashwagandha - Improves overall energy by toning of
muscles and nerves and also acts antioxidant).
• Kanya Kumari (Aloevera) - Research work on Aloe Vera proved that it contains 16 Amino acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C & E, which are required by our body for protein synthesis & regeneration of tissues
• Silajit helps in battling depression & eliminates weakness
• Yashoda Bhasma - for immunity & Multiple Cell to Cell reactions.

DOSAGE: 2-0-2, Two tablets twice a day after meals or as directed by physician.

PRESENTATION: Bottle of 60 tablets.


             Product  Composition
Athibala 55 mg
 Ashwagandha 55 mg
Satavari 60 mg
Kanya Kumari 45mg
Kala Musali 45mg
Gajar 30mg
Silajit 30mg
Yashoda Bhasma 15 mg
Sukthi Bhasma 15 mg



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Customer Reviews

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