Diejena Health Pack
Diejena Health Pack
Diejena Health Pack

Diejena Health Pack

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AMBET : 60 tablets

It is useful for intestinal and extra intestinal amoebiasis. Ambet helps in relieving the symptoms by controlling infections. It offers an ideal control in diarrohea associated with abdominal pains.

Dosage :  Take 2 tablets after dinner.

Gasma : 60 tablets

 It prevents and cures acid peptic diseases, excess acid formation and burning sensation in the chest, ulcer formation and consequent gastric problems, prevents dysentery, good appetizer, improves digestion, regulates the flow of bile, intestinal juices and removes constipation.

Dosage :  Take 2 tablets before lunch.

Ganore : 60 tablets

 Eliminates and balances the Tridoshas of vata, pitta, kapha. It supports as antiseptic and anti-bacterial for urinary tract infections.

Dosage :  Take 2 tablets before breakfast.

Diejena Powder : 60 gms

 It cures indigestive belching and helps in digestion, in a natural way by stimulating the digestive enzymes mainly lipase and amylase. Regulates acid secretion to prevent acid peptic diseases. It improves appetite.

Dosage : Take ¼, ½ or 1 tsp powder with water after dinner.

Purgin : 12 tablets

Constipation, Bowel detoxification, Bowel dysmolity. It removes amoebiasis, stagnated food particles from the stomach, sensation to purge frequently and constipation. It flushes out toxins and cleanses all the organs from the esophagus to the colon.

Dosage :  Take 1 or 2 tablets in early morning. Once in a month.

For a healthy body there should be a balance in vata, pitta and kapha. Therefore, follow the below mentioned guidelines.

 1.The digestive process starts in the mouth when you chew, so masticate your food well. Each lump put in the mouth should be chewed for at least 15 times allowing it to get mixed with the salivary juice that moistens the food making it easy to move into the stomach. The stomach is like a mixer, churning and mashing together all the small balls of food into smaller and smaller pieces. Hard substances, when put in a mixer, burden the appliance and spoil the blades. Similarly, consumption of hard lumps of food exerts the digestive system.

2.While we talk and eat, some chemical changes happen leading to gas in the stomach and the digestion is affected. Therefore, for proper digestion eat silently and slowly concentrating on the food.

3.Take 2 glasses of luke warm water early in the morning.

4.Do not drink water while eating. Drink 45 minutes after meals.

YOGA: Food is not only the pre-requisite for the sustenance of the body, but the pranic system (life-force) and Super Yoga (washing clothes, seeping, mopping, gardening) are imperative to keep the body strong and alive.

VRIKSHA SHWASA KRIYA: (purification of the 72,000 nadis): Sit in a comfortable posture under the canopy of any tree, enabling the sunrays to fall on you through the branches of the tree and practice the chanting of Omkar, Hreemkar, Pranayama (anulom-vilom), Agnisaara (kaphalabhati 1,2,3), Markata Yoga, Disc Yoga. Practice this every day, from 15 minutes to 40 minutes. Go to a nearby park or avail the opportunity to sit under the 540 lush green trees in Sai Geeth Ashram in Medchal.

VANA PRADAKSHINA: 1 to 7 rounds of circumambulation of trees in the specified area in Sai Geetha Ashram for Vana Pradakshina helps to clear out carbon dioxide and fill the lungs with oxygen. The sunrays falling on you, after being filtered through the branches of the sacred trees will help the body absorb an abundant quantity of Vitamin A, E, D2 and D3 which helps to boost the immune system. It also helps to control high B.P., Diabetes, Cancer, Cholesterol, Heart, Kidney and Liver ailments.

For further details, refer the  Ashram’s publication, “Health, Wealth, Self-Family Correction & God.”

To boost the immune system in the body it is essential to follow certain rules pertaining to diet and yoga. 


1.Take 2 bananas daily in the morning, 2 fresh garlic pods in the afternoon. At night take ¼ teaspoon pure turmeric powder mixed with honey.

2.Every day in the evening soak a few tulsi leaves in water and drink it. Along with this take 2 Tablets of Ayursin Guni. It is beneficial to continue this for 7 to 40 days.

3.Take a handful of neem leaves, squeeze them and closing the fist, inhale air through the mouth and exhale through the nose. It works as antivirus, anti fungal and anti bacteria.

4.Drink a glass of lime juice mixed in luke warm water, adding a table spoon honey. Take thrice a day that helps improve the immune system. Ashwa Tablets also help to develop the immune system. 


1.Do pranayama every day from 15 minutes to half an hour.

2.Every day chant omkar and hreemkar, do bastrikam, kaphalabati, markat yoga and Sai Shiva Hari Om yoga.

“Health is the greatest asset”

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