Gynaec Health Pack
Gynaec Health Pack
Gynaec Health Pack
Gynaec Health Pack
Gynaec Health Pack

Gynaec Health Pack

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Mother Nature offers us the plant world with plenty of herbs and minerals, wealth required for us to have perfect health. This science of use of these herbs is described in Ayurveda, the Science of Life.

Ayurveda, today being extensively used all over the world-lots of research process is going on in U.S., Russia and other developed countries against dreadful diseases like Cancer etc. For which near solutions are being founded in Ayurveda.

The two important aims of Ayurveda are:

  1. Keeping good health.
  2. Quick restoration of normal health in diseased persons.

Working in this direction Dr. Sai Kumar garu, a staunch believer and practitioner of Ayurveda has established Sri Sai Pharmaceuticals in 1967 and formulating different newer combinations for management of chronic maladies with great success.

All these new formulations are tested and in different diseases with astounding results. Among the notable diseases for which his preparations are of great success are kidney stones, chronic jaundice, peptic ulcer, asthama, dental caries, amoebiasis, rheumatism, chronic arthritis and psychiatric disorders.

The products of such a pharmacy are bound to be of great quality as they do not compromise anything short of genuine drugs.

The products of Sri Sai Pharmaceuticals is helping many in the management of the chronic diseases and thus impart health and relief to suffering millions.

The Incredible Uterus

A woman’s body holds within it an incredible organ filled with creative power. It is interesting to know the astonishing capabilities and mysteries of this fantastic uterus! Every one of us is here alive on the planet today because we started life growing within the womb of our mother. Thus, we have all been intimately acquainted with the uterus, since the dawn of our lives.

A number of medical conditions can affect a woman’s uterus and cause pain, such as polyps, endometriosis, PCOD, fibroids, cyst and cancer. The main cause of gynaecological problems is frequent intake of tablets for postponing menstrual periods, insomnia, night duty, night partying, consuming food which is laced with pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers, processed food and convenience food like instant foods such as noodles, chips and biscuits, polished rice, artificial sugar rich foods, processed flour, frozen foods, soft drinks and sodas. Lack of exercise, not drinking sufficient quantity of water, constipation, insufficient sleep all lead to uterine problems. Apart from all these, hormonal imbalance, over exposure to T.V, laptops, mobiles and other gadgets causes harmful radiation disturbing the natural metabolism. With the advent of technology, people have abandoned sweeping or mopping the floor, hand washing of clothes and as such depriving exercise to the body.

90% root cause of gynaec ill health is our own making. With fear of becoming a prey to  malignancy, it has become common for people to opt for hysterectomy ( surgical removal of the uterus) to get rid of uterine cyst or fibroid. However, the disadvantages of hysterectomy may be constipation, fatigue, unwanted weight gain or dip in calcium levels.

It is important to raise awareness today about the power, purpose and potential of the uterus, so that we can focus more on the health, vitality and preservation of this amazing female organ.


This pack contains Utrex tablets, Utrex Powder, Dismeno tablets, Purgin Powder, Purgin tablets.

Utrex Tablets : (80 tablets per bottle)

Utrex is an excellent herbal medicine used in the treatment of various conditions of the female genital tract. The action of Utrex is decongestion and reduced capillary fragility, regulation of the myometrial contractions. It produces hormonal balance and homeostasis. It is a safe and effective medicine without side effect.

Dosage : 2 tablets before and after dinner.

Utrex Powder : 200 gms

Leucorrhoea, Pelvic inflammatory diseases, female genital tract infections.

Dosage :  Take 2 tsp with 1 glass of any fruit juice before or after breakfast.

Purgin : 60 gm per bottle

It is useful in smooth purgination by activating the bowels and drawing the fluids from extra cellular space. It is a good digestant and removes gases from the stomach and intestines increasing the activity of the digestive enzymes. It is also indicated for the treatment of Constipation in diverticular diseases and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dosage :  Take 1 or 2 tsp powder with warm water, add sugar for taste. Take once in a week.

Purgin Tablets : 12 tab per bottle

Constipation , Bowel detoxification, Bowel dysmolity. It removes amoebiasis, stagnated food particles from the stomach, sensation to purge frequently and constipation. It flushes out toxins and cleanses all the organs from the esophagus to the colon.

Dosage :  Take 1 or 2 tab once in a month, early morning.

Ganore : ( 80 tablets )

Eliminates and balances the Tridoshas of vata, pitta and kapha. It supports as anti-septic and anti-bacterial for urinary tract infections.

Dosage :  Take 2 tablets before or after lunch.

Dismeno : ( 60 tablets per bottle )

Dysmenorrhoea, Pre menstrual syndrome, mood swings, tender breasts, fatigue irritability, bloating, and cramping pain.

Dosage :  Start taking 3 days before the expected date of your menstrual cycle and repeat this for 3 cycles. 2 tablets in the morning.

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